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Rated: 3.32
Trainer: Yeo Keong Hee
Course: 18 Hours Training (S$2688)
Remarks: Leveraging on Adam Khoo Learning Technologies who provide Children learning education, Yeo Keong Hee provides Forex training.

The trainer, Yeo Keong Hee, is a Certified professional Trainer, and also a Chartered Financal Analyst working in the investment for 4 years. However, he is a new trainer in Forex market.

Estimated Course Fee: $2688 (for 2 weekends x 7 hours and 1 weekday x 4 hours).

The support is provided for 4 months after the course, but it does not say if it is face to face support or trough emails.

Wealth Academy Forex (Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group) REVIEW

Average Rating: (3.32)
Total Reviews: 38
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Name: spg (mal-
Date: 2010-10-22 23:08:00
Review: puffy, gd to hear that. Pls update us your result 3 months down the road

Name: puffy (SG and UK-
Date: 2010-10-22 06:10:07
Review: Went from a demo account to a real account. Not every trade wins, but due to sticking to a risk-reward ratio of 1:1.5, and position sizing based on no more than 3% risk per trade, overall I am still profitable :)

Name: non trader (singapore-
Date: 2010-10-10 22:53:58
Review: well i am not a trader but i am willing to be a trader.I have attended many seminars but have not attented any classes.I am being dedicated in forex since a month.What I found this forex trading is nothing, everybody can trade only u just need to read the chart and understand the chart. There is no special strategy, method n technique they are all stuffs. Your strategy,method n technique is your money.If you do not have enough back up money don't try to trade more than a thousand dollar.Bear in mind Money attracts Money.Simple if they could have earn million million dollar why these self-claimed gurus are taking cheap classes.

Name: puffy (SG and US-
Date: 2010-09-27 01:04:37
Review: spg,

I mentioned that 50% success rate, based on the templates is Still profitable.

But, perhaps the other methods taught may be more suitable for me? I haven't tried them all.

It is a good exercise to try out all the trading methods taught, before deciding on which ones would form my trading system. This is what I meant by benefiting fully from the course.

Name: spg (mal-
Date: 2010-09-25 23:33:43
Review: puffy,

it is not just the winning% that is important, what is more important is your risk to reward play of each trade.

some can have 40% win rate but comes out very profitable while others who boasts about 80+% winning rate can experience significant drawdown.

At the end of the day, you should know better since you have been through money management course in trading.

Name: Puffy (SG and UK-
Date: 2010-09-25 01:14:55
Review: Keong Hee's course in Singapore is the first and only Forex course I have attended so far, so I can't compare him with other trainers. His teaching is very clear and systematic and I had no problems understanding what was taught and the rationale. The course notes are very good, its easy to revise the methods taught in class using the notes. He is helpful and reasonably down to earth and puts in a lot of effort into this course. Follow up is good, he replies emails within a few days.

Other than course notes, email advice, occasional sms notifications on trading opportunities, and discussion forum access, we got some indicators and templates that he had programmed. In combination with some filters such as bar length indicators, we could use the templates as a guide on when to take a trade. The templates are Not fully automated, we still need to filter the signals given by the template using methods taught in class.

Using a demo account, I tried out some of the programmed templates. Out of eight trades, four were successful, making the success rate around 50%. While this is only a small number of trades (8 trades is not statistically significant)and 50% not a very high success rate, it was much much better than my non stop losses before I went for the course. Combined with good position sizing and money management, 50% success rate is still profitable. Those who practise position sizing based on risk know what I mean.

There are many other methods taught in class (other than those programmed templates given), and I have not tried them all yet. Perhaps some others such as the fibonacci expansion method are better, KH mentioned that he uses them most often and his students who are most profitable also use the fibonacci expansion method.

In summary I did benefit from the course and it was a good experience. However, I need to keep on reading and trying out all the other methods he taught, to benefit fully.

Name: dc (sin-
Date: 2010-09-08 23:14:33
Review: can any of his students share here out of 10 trades he issued, how many make it?

Name: Adam (Singapore-
Date: 2010-09-08 19:46:55
Review: wow that is honestly terrible... a real waste of money there.
there're monthly discussions in singapore at keppel towers for about 3 hours. he mostly discusses the trades he has taken and am anticipating, i don't go for it at all unless i have questions, then again he replies his emails within 3-4 days.

Name: hairul (m'sia-
Date: 2010-09-04 12:39:37
Review: i attend keong hee class last year.
rating 2/5.
Way of his teaching base on past and tell.
show what already happen.
i spent more than RM5K for nothing.
all base of his teaching base on notes until now...
AKLTG said because not enough student i malaysia. in my class alone is 6 malaysian.
so far, no followup section in malaysia.amazingly he can flew done here for promotion but not for follow up section.

well i can tell rating is very2 poor and i'm not dis-encourage my friends to attend his class.


Name: dc (sin-
Date: 2010-08-31 21:19:14
Review: i am not here to go against anyone but Keong Hee openly mentioned that he is experimenting with semi automation trading during one of his previews which i so happened to be there.

any experienced trader will tell you that this is close to impossible cos an automated system can never mimic the versatility and interpretation of price action as precisely as the human brain.

the fact that he is toying with the idea greatly discount my impression of his trading competence.

anyone can teach trading cos we all read so many trading books in the course of our learning process.

however, those who can really trade profitably are not many.

i have yet to see Keong Hee's real account which he posted online in his blog.

ask him to show you his online account and you know what i mean...remember, his real time online account and not his posted account.

Name: Adam (Singapore-
Date: 2010-08-31 20:37:47
Review: Hello,

Yes, dc, I must agree that the psychological impact is different with real money. Thank you for pointing this out to me.

I trust that you are a profitable trader yourself so your advice is of great value, that must be the only reason why you are posting here; to ward off impressionable people from attending this course.
I do appreciate what you are doing, so I thank you. Perhaps you could share some insights on forex trading with me? I'd love to interact with other traders =D

Is however, "trading real money and you'll see the difference" the best refute to the proposition that applying what I have learned in the course is valuable? I believe that my credit-worthiness here is more valued because I have attended the course. I am also recording the performance of applying the skills he has taught on paper to gain the confidence needed when I trade live in a few months time.

This course was not my only forex education. I have read tons of books, experimented with indicators, studied fundamental/technical analysis extensively and realised it only boils down to 3 factors which, dc, you know very well.

I hope I do not confuse anyone with my objective here, I am just offering what I thought about the course. However, I would like to hear the opposing views of students from Keong Hee's class. Anyone?

Name: dc (sin-
Date: 2010-08-31 17:40:13
Review: adam, go to real money and see the difference...

Name: Adam (Singapore-
Date: 2010-08-31 01:16:51
Review: Thanks for your kind advice Sir, but I thought this was the place to voice our opinions on various courses in Singapore. I just voiced my honest opinion. I visited this site months ago because I needed to get the honest opinion from others, but there were none, just forex cliches that we can find on Google and people venting their frustrations (like that was ever constructive...?)
I was a student from Keong Hee's class and my honest opinion is, it is good.
It's not automated, and so far it's profitable.
I have traded using
1) Money management (fixed % of capital per trade)
2) A consistent trading strategy (consistent entry & exit)
3) Accepting losses, banking on low win rates but high expectancies.

So far this is just paper trading though, but I just wanted to offer my humble opinion =D

Thanks! to statement so far.

Cheers guys!

Name: james38 (Singapore-
Date: 2010-08-24 18:24:56
Review: Dear Adam,
dc is right. I fully agree with him on this point.
Thank you.


Name: dc (sin-
Date: 2010-08-24 18:18:25
Review: Adam, please do not trade with real money using his "automated" system.

Trust me, you will lose your pants in no time.

I believe my not so friendly James38 will fully agree with me.

Take care & stop paying unnecessary money to Keong Hee. If auto system works, this world will have no poor man cos even the beggar will beg to buy the system to get rich.

Think about it...

Name: Adam (Singapore-
Date: 2010-08-24 14:08:51
Review: Before going for the course, I read a lot of criticism and doubts about AKLTG forex course, This created fear in my as I already had my money down.
Although this is the only Forex class I have attended (they're all pretty pricey), I've been greatly relieved of how satisfying this course is. After signing up, I had plenty of doubts and regret, but upon entering the course, I was amazed at how helpful the course is. Here are the pros of the course
1) You get a file containing all the educational material. It covers basics like "What is forex?" to "Trading strategies" to "Elliot Wave Theory".
2) You get the trading strategy files programmed on the MT4 platform to produce buy and sell signals with guides on where to place stops as well
3) You get to return monthly for a forex discussion and a membership on their forum to ask questions. Keong Hee regularly updates his forum, he usually answers your queries within 3 days or less.
3) You will receive a money management spreadsheet to follow so that you will have minimal losses. It also comes with a built-in equity curve for you to calculate and foresee your trading performance based on your expectancy.

Here are the cons about the course
1) He will not teach you more about price action itself. IF you want learn more about double-tops or moving averages acting as dynamic support/resistance or trading off chart patterns etc, this course is not for you. He simply gives you his trading strategies as promised. Blue and red arrows represent buy and sell signals, simple.

I have friends who attend other courses, and the strategy they learn requires them to manually calculate price and draw subjective trend channel lines etc. It was even difficult to learn for someone like me who has read up a lot on forex trading.

I strongly recommend this course, and it is reasonable. I paid $2600 for this course.

Name: dc (sin-
Date: 2010-08-19 17:07:31
Review: chat with James. He claimed he can make 5% every month...

Name: fx.elite (Christmas Island-
Date: 2010-08-19 13:12:59
Review: Looking for people to chat with about forex trading such as:

forex trading courses attended,
forex trading approaches,
what are some of the causes for your trades to be losing money,

We welcome constructive and non-argumentative exchange of ideas.

We do not promote, introduce or sell any forex products or services.

Skype: fx.elite

Name: dc (singapore-
Date: 2010-08-09 09:54:42
Review: fx.elite, maybe you would like to show your monthly statement that you are making at least 1% consistently before anyone would even bother to chat with you???

Name: fx.elite (Ocean Islands-
Date: 2010-08-09 00:48:53
Review: With a personal account of US$1 million to start off, the trainer is said to be able to earn about US$20,000 every month without fail.

It means that in the first month of his trade, he was able to achieve 2% per month, but would be achieving less than 1.5% per month from the 19th month of trading period onwards should he still be earning a dollar value of $20,000 per month in subsequent months.

No wonder he has to depend on conducting courses to supplement his income from trading. And it also means his trading method is not effective enough for him to generate a true 2% compounding rate, regardless of the total value he has.

He is not someone who can achieve a consistent rate of return on monthly basis. But of a speculator with foresight who made big bucks on few occasions and then keep boasting about those few moments of glory. It is good for him to be able to achieve such fortune.

But it also means his trading methods are not consistent enough to be applied by many people in their month to month trades.

A speculator earns very high returns on few occasions due to great foresight, but speculators are not qualified to be trainers because trainers are suppose to impart trading skills that works most of the time and for most people who learn from them.

A few cases of people with final stage cancer who practices internal breathing (chinese chi kung) and recovered from their illness, does not mean that they can qualify themselves and start advising others to adopt their treatment methods and use their personal experience as a way of expecting all related cases to be cured using the same methods - very isolated successful cases to justify its effectiveness.

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