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Rated: 3.32
Trainer: Yeo Keong Hee
Course: 18 Hours Training (S$2688)
Remarks: Leveraging on Adam Khoo Learning Technologies who provide Children learning education, Yeo Keong Hee provides Forex training.

The trainer, Yeo Keong Hee, is a Certified professional Trainer, and also a Chartered Financal Analyst working in the investment for 4 years. However, he is a new trainer in Forex market.

Estimated Course Fee: $2688 (for 2 weekends x 7 hours and 1 weekday x 4 hours).

The support is provided for 4 months after the course, but it does not say if it is face to face support or trough emails.

Wealth Academy Forex (Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group) REVIEW

Average Rating: (3.32)
Total Reviews: 38
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Name: Reallive forextrades (Singapore-
Date: 2014-06-08 15:23:34
Review: Dear Everybody,
We will be the first forex school to allow all our students to verify and scrutinize our trading account online.
No point learning from those schools:
1)who only show you their winning trades and hide their losing trades. Usually their losing trades are more than their winning trades.
2)who have ISO, SME, or whatever awards. The awards got nothing to do with the trading profits.
3)who only show you their profits in pdf or jpg format because their formats can be easily fabricated.
4)who claim that their account is certified by lawyers. Lawyers can only certify that the account belong to the owner, not on the profits.
5)who have students posting their winning trades. These students are trying to get into their instructor good books so as to get more trading secrets from their instructor who doesn't have any trading secrets to share.
If a forex instructor refuses to let you check his account online, please walk away. No poinit learning forex trading from him or her who doesn't even know how to trade profitably.
Thank you :)

Yours Sincerely,
Max Poon
Visit our website at or join our facebook group at
for real forex results monthly updates :)

Date: 2012-02-02 10:24:58
Review: most coaches teach u how to use indicators.
it wouldn't work! why?
becos different currency pairs behave differently, and it behave differently over time. you can't have one size fit all !

it is very important to understand what is trend, when retracement starts, when it is going to end and continue its trend.

Once you know these skills, you wouldn't want to disclose the secret. why bother to disclose it, paid paid from teaching and then critised by students?
successful traders wouldn't disclose their secrets

Name: adam wham (singapore-
Date: 2012-01-31 06:00:17
Review: Just to add on my review below:

Traders should not have a CFA. He was a fund manager, not a trader. Why learn trading from an ex-fund manager? So what if your economic and fundamental analysis is good? It has very little to do with trading. It just shows that it was never his passion to be a trader from young or was undecided. He left GIC as a fund manager in his late 20s, and he is now in his 30s. I do not know if he has any trading experiences but he did not talk about it. Do not learn a skill from somebody who did not have this passion. He may have the passion now, but he is still relatively new compared to other FOREX mentors. Even if you have put your deposit down already, I recommend you to just exit. Cut your losses short!

Name: adam wham (singapore-
Date: 2012-01-31 05:46:53
Review: Good Day to all. I am here to provide an objective review of this course because I cannot find one here.

Background information: I took this FOREX course in May 2010. I paid approximately SGD2600. I have a live account now and I am profitable for 5 months risking only 1% per trade. I have taken over 30 live trades during this period and manage my risk very carefully. To date I have earned 21% over 5 months just trading major USD pairs.

Review: The course is the worst investment I made as an aspiring trader. At first I thought it was good, but a fool I was! In fact, I learned what NOT to do through this course. The course basically teaches you some things about support and resistance and trading psychology. Thanks to modern technology, you can find these information for free at Babypips. The strategies used are all programmed with BUY and SELL arrows. It is very mechanical and plenty of signals are given, even within a trading range there can be as many as 5-6 signals of buys and sells, leaving the unfortunate trader confused. These signals are supposed to be filtered with the "trailing ATR", but really that makes no sense. It is objectifying trading as something extremely mechanical, and the new trader will be left without a proper trading education, one that very few or even no successful trader uses. Next, there is a forum, but it is full of discussion by unprofitable traders asking about the buy and sell arrows.

Imagine at a cocktail party...
Proprietary Trader: So, I heard you are trading Forex? What's your trading philosophy?
Me: Oh, when the blue arrow comes out, buy lor, when the red arrow comes out, sell lor... just make sure when you lose, lose a bit only...

You definitely don't want to be in that situation.

Trading takes hard work and there's a price to pay through your education. But not this price. This course has certainly cost me a lot, and left me months of frustration as I desperately tried the signals in WRONG MARKET CONDITIONS which is not taught. Yes, the system gives signals in trending and non-trending markets. When it does not trend, the signals kill you. That is not taught as well.

Instead, learn how to trade PRICE, using exponential moving averages (I use 20/50) with a long-term MA (200). I was mentored by Nial Fuller ( where I was taught how to effectively use the PIN BAR strategy at key market levels. I also went on to discover the rhythm of the market, namely the flow of price with the moving averages, longing/shorting the pullbacks to the moving averages. Then I took a course by Benedix which reaffirmed my trading strategy. I currently look out for more trading seminars and courses to enhance my learning experience.

I hope this helps!

Name: Forex S-League (Singapore-
Date: 2011-11-14 16:28:03
Review: This is a good event for your school to attend and prove your worth and uphold your claim as the no. 1 forex trading school or no. 1 forex whatever.

Name: Enlighten (Agree with James40-
Date: 2011-11-13 09:08:41
Review: To All Students/Marketeers & Public,

It is natural that students admire, respect and support their own trading masters and guru, wanting to demonstrate that their investment is well spent in the course they had conducted.

It is natural that marketeers (if any), support their own school, wanting to demonstrate their school is the best.

With the long debate in this entire DNA forum, it is only natural that the public get confused who is the truth, or who is the real stuff, and worth their future investment to learn a truly good investment tool, FOREX. (Though I would refer the public to Sunday Times article in Sep 2010 \\\"Beware Talk of Easy Money\\\" article, who the media gives the criteria in choosing a credible investment education school to learn from, and which schools have several CASE complains.

I have agreed with James40 once in this forum, that is his courage to have a gentleman agreement with Jimmy Wong not to spam each other again.

Allow me to agree with James40 the 2nd time in this forum on his long advocated idea, that is to have a trading competition.

But we will not do it here in this forum. I know we are just promoting this forum if this debate continues.

To demonstrate which FX trading master has the REAL Trading skill set, in their own ways, I would suggest:

1. All the students and marketeers revert to their Trading Master/s to agree to a school Master FX trading

2. We shall have Jimmy Wong (JF Lennon), Mario Singh (FX1), Kishore (Power Up), Ryan (ST Trader) coming together to trade.

3. All trading masters start with their own Live $$$ of US$10,000 to commence trading using the same broker and MT4 platform.

4. The winner of the competition will be whoever has the highest account balance at the end of 2 months.

5. They may trade any pairs using whatever strategy they may have.

6. All net profits shall be donated to Charity organisations.

I believe this will be the fairest competition for everyone instead of the endless debate.

If as some claimed that Master A, is learning from Master B and/or C, etc.... Or as some claimed that they are the WORLD #1 Forex trader, or claimed that the video demonstration are not real, this competition shall dispel all the myth, doubts and \\\"CON\\\" schools out there.

I am sure James40 will fully support this competition, unless he is sad that this competition will pull away the discussion traffic from here. Worry not, we will continue to discuss on the progress of the competition over here.

James40 - Create a new group call \\\"Singapore FX School Master Trading Competition\\\" and we will track over there. I assure you this will create even greater attention and traffic!

How about the above?

PUBLIC - Any supporters?

MARKETEERS - Go back and get your Trading Master to Agree.

We shall agree a commence and ending date, and obtain a neutral party to organise this competition among the 4 schools.

FX1 should join and not back out, cause it is claimed often so and so is Marios; student.

Power-up should join and not back out, cause it is often self-claimed the best FX seminar, and WORLD #1.

ST Trader should join and not back out, cause they claim to have the best statistics to trade FX and they are consistent.

JF Lennon will join and will definitely NOT back out.

Let\\\'s come back here by Tuesday (15th Nov 2011), 7pm with an answer, YES OR NO, from all the 4 schools.

Meanwhile, cease the endless debate.

JUST YES or NO to show & prove the BEST once and for all.

Just like the Olympics.
Just like the SEA Games.
Just like WORLD CUP.

Use the internationally recognised and most tradition way to demonstrate the best trading skill set.

We can even do this yearly, since the Losers may come back with new skill set to prove themselves again.

We can do this in Q1 every year.

Let\\\'s come back here (General Discussion Page) by Tuesday (15th Nov 2011), 7pm with an answer, YES OR NO, from all the 4 schools.

Name: InvTraKS (Singapore-
Date: 2011-11-01 18:40:56

Hi All,

I went to his preview sometime ago. The reasons I did not sign up the course are as follows.

1) Not convincing enough.
2) Did not talk about what strategies he is going to teach.
3) Too expensive.


Name: useful (information-
Date: 2011-09-25 00:13:44
Review: Please read this blog from former CEO of NTUC Income,

Name: james39 (singapore-
Date: 2011-07-15 19:37:14
Review: Dear T, how do you know Yeo Keong Hee dating his student? You also in the class? So far are you making money in forex using his strategy?

Name: T (Sg-
Date: 2011-05-21 13:08:28
Review: Yeo keong hee now busy dating one student

Name: spg (mal-
Date: 2011-03-31 23:24:02
Review: adam khoo knows about everything from NPL to stocks & Forex.

unfortunately, he does not know about his own future...

NATO lifetime member award winner.

Name: Jim (sg-
Date: 2011-03-31 18:38:35
Review: don\'t attend the course till you find out more about the trading philosophy behind it and see if you are comfortable with it or not. You can borrow one of the trainer book from the library.

Name: spg (mal-
Date: 2010-10-29 17:22:43
Review: Well said James. I totally agree.

It is never easy to learn to be a day trader. It is like flipping through thousands of records trying to find the best fit photo of a criminal. After a while, you lose your orientation.

Being a profitable day trader requires plenty of training, esp the mental aspect. You get knocked out more often within a short span of time compared to trend trading and you need to get up to continue punching without surrendering. A untrained trader will not be able to take that kind of mental stress.

The only way to be successful as day trader is to keep going and is all about practice, practice & practice.

Trend trading is so much easier cos you can plan ahead and there is no rush. You also have less daily stress but again, risk=reward.

Since risk=reward, trend trading gives you less returns in a year compared to day trading or swing trading.

But the above is only true if you are a successful day trader. By my knowledge, most are swing traders who found success. Less than 5% really succeed as day traders.

Trend traders are next to investors in terms of risk taking and trade planning methodology.

So, like what James said, if you cannot succeed as a day trader, move on. Be a swing or trend trader. It is so much easier. But don't expect to make tonnes of money over a short period of time. It never happens.

Name: james39 (singapore-
Date: 2010-10-29 15:19:56
Review: An advice to everybody:

If u cannot be profitable as a day trader, go be a turtle trader :)


Name: spg (mal-
Date: 2010-10-28 13:43:45
Review: first of all,

You violated your own promise of "won't be coming back here". Another proof/evidence you are not a man of your words.

I am not a trainer and am not here to disparage any creditable mentors who can proof their worth.

Again, this was your silly assumption again.

We are in a healthy discussion but never did i expect you not able to differentiate the difference between "wrap" & "warp"....

Obviously, it must the a typo error, especially when this comment came from a "gentleman" who encouraged me to read more classic books.

Well, maybe we can discuss some classic novels since you are so "learned".

But remember to stand by a dictionary cos i am seriously "assuming" that you are up to that level of competentce to really understand classical novels.

My "learned" friend, maybe you should be wise up as you advise others to grow up.....

Name: CT (Singapore-
Date: 2010-10-28 11:57:15
Review: You can quote anything you like
I have already said that statement is response to james who first mentioned his name. If he didn't neither would I.

Besides who knows who michael loo is? I don't think he is such a rock star that people here know who he is.
His workshop isn't even listed on this site.
I already said you assume others know because of what you know.

Look at the way you are responding we all know your emotive language is without logic.

Of course its full of holes you claim that i make silly assumptions. When you have clearly done the same as you continue to comment about someone you totally do not know. You do not know and you try to present it as facts. How do you define a hypocrite? I like to pose the question back to you.

You assume this and that. I can also do the same.
I can say you are probably a competing trainer trying to give your competitors a bad name.

Other people can say we both just trying to promote a workshop by drumming up the thread with nonsense and drawing attention.

But have I done so?
I don't because there is no way to prove anything on the internet.
If you keep living and basing your statements on assumptions then you would have achieved nothing at the end of the conversation.

I steered your statement to define the root cause of this whole mess. But even after saying it yourself you refuse to reflect upon it and see it.

You are unable to put it down because your thinking is wrap with what you assume to be true.
I have thus far not assumed anything everything i said has been neutral.

I don't defame Mr Yeo's course either because I not attended it before, I just heard of it because it carries the Adam Khoo brand.

I wish I didn't have to be direct.
You claim to state FACTS but everything you have said is based on what you think and assume to be true. Please. Grow up.

This is getting tiresome.

Name: spg (mal-
Date: 2010-10-28 10:38:35
Review: Untrustworthy crook!

Let me lift your quote from your posting:

"Yes i am a student of michael loo.
But I am here purely for fun don't ask me anything about it..."

You are worse than a prostitute. At least a prostitute will admit she is one.

As for you, sad to say you don't even have the integrity to stand by what you have said.

Talking about being a selective reader. Haha, am i suppose to listen to the frog's calling from the well?

My arguement is full of holes? fyi, what arguement are you talking about? I am simply stating a fact here.

You are philosophical & illogical, but pretending to be a gentleman. Oh pleasssse, take your hypocrisy somewhere else.

You can't even stand up to the statement you made; Maybe you should start with proper ethical lessons on how to be an upright individual.

Thanks for reminding me i should read more classics....but looking at your standard of english, maybe you should start with Enid Blyton...

Name: CT (Singapore-
Date: 2010-10-28 08:05:02
Review: Don't be a selective reader.
You are only able to piece out what i am talking about because you probably know about michael.
For general people they would be clueless as to what i have said.

You mean just like have made assumptions about my trading background and proclaiming that i know nothing about trading?
It is clear who is the one who fails to rationalize his own thinking isn't it?
You really should stop talking because if you look back your argument is full of holes an inconsistencies. You are like 3 different people typing.

I glad you think so much about suitable career choices for me.

Anyway it has been fun i won't be coming back.
FYI there is always more than one answer and from the logic nobody is right.
I suggest you read more will help in your negotiation and debating skills. But please don't read junk there are lots of timeless classics suggest you start there.

Name: spg (mal-
Date: 2010-10-28 00:52:26
Review: what a hypocrite! you claimed to be a student of Michael Loo in your response to James.

Now you claimed you did not mentioned anything about whose or which system you are using...

Your action and response is akin to the snake's movement....swift, unpredictable & crafty..

You kept claiming about me replying with anger and, please do not make silly assumption. I will never get angry with a schemer. Seen enough of such hypocrites in my life.

Different truths? Is as good as saying there is more than one answer to 1+1=2

Hey! you know what? you should be a lawyer cos you are a such a cool dude...

Anyone can be happy; Madoff is a happy crook too! despite

Name: CT (Singapore-
Date: 2010-10-27 22:41:26
Review: What you say doesn't serve me any purpose. I not left any contact and i have given any contact.

We let other people be the judge of it. I already said I haven't mentioned who or what the system is I only mentioned it in relation to james comment.

In fact you are the one who keeps mentioning it.
If there is anyone who is promoting it and creating curiosity you be as guilty as me.

I already told you this is a world of opposites you do what you like i do what i like.
But you decide to respond with such distaste and anger I find it hilarious.

You should actually print this conversation out and show it to your spouse and see they say. I think you need a new rational perspective.

I learn to accept different truths and that people have no obligation to agree with your argument. Because of this i live happily and enjoy talking civil manner even to people who consistently try to misrepresent me.


Name: spg (mal-
Date: 2010-10-27 22:24:29
Review: stop your hypocrisy....really makes me puke

I am happy we don't stand on the same platform.

Take your promotion elsewhere pls.

You are just trying to peddle Mike's system in a subtle way here by creating curiosity with your posted record.

Ha! What a real hypocrite!

I used to think that James was boastful. After reading your comments, i think it is better to be proud than pretentious.

Give me your email and i will show you what i did in 1 month is what you did in 1 year....

Frog living in a well....yikes!

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